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We are proud to present our new SolarBuggy Facebook page. Besides this homepage, we will use Facebook to keep you updated with recent posts and news about the SolarBuggy. There, you will find our newest pictures and videos about us and our work.

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SolarBuggy Facebook Page

SolarBuggy at the European Solar Challenge 2016


Once again, we were present at the race track in Zolder, Belgium, for the European Solar Challenge.
This year, three solar cars of our university were competing in the 24 hour challenge for solar cars.

We supported our racing teams in the successful completion of their race. Of course, we were not only there for spectating and cheering but also to present our last Buggy and promote our new SolarBuggy as well. The weekend also gave the new team mates the chance to intensively test drive the last Buggy model. The Buggy was used permanently to transport people and groceries between the camping area and the pit lane. Thus, we were able to show the ESC visitors what the Buggy is capable of and got a lot of attention.

The beautiful weather on Sunday gave us the chance to film quite a lot of content for future films about our project. In the evening, all of the teams came together to celebrate the successful race and a nice weekend at the ESC 2016.
We are already looking forward to the ESC 2018, where we will be presenting and driving our new Buggy, after we have successfully travelled across the Simpson desert.

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